Managing for Risk as Well as Return


Billeaud Capital Management, Inc. (BCM) is an independent Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm. Established in 1986, we manage in excess of $300 million in investment portfolios for individuals, company retirement plans, corporations, endowments, and trusts.


Our mission is to help clients achieve their objectives by providing intelligent, risk-managed investment solutions.

Investment Approach

Our approach to investment management combines an economically-balanced investment portfolio with our active approach to managing market risk.


You may not be familiar with the word fiduciary, but you certainly understand the concept behind it. Simply, we have a legal responsibility to act in the best interest – and only the best interest - of the client in all matters, at all times. While that may seem obvious, a stock broker or other commissioned salesperson cannot be a fiduciary because of the inherent conflict of interest associated with the sale of financial products.

Economically Balanced Portfolios

  • Nobel prize-winning academic research has provided to investors a solid foundation upon which to build investment portfolios.

  • At the heart of this research is the understanding that different asset classes (such as domestic and international stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities and cash) are unique in the way in which they are economically correlated (zig versus zag) to each other.

  • This is the foundation upon which we design our portfolios. We first seek to thoughtfully allocate our capital among a group of non-correlated asset classes in order to provide clients with balance throughout the course of varying economic and market cycles.

  • We then couple this allocated approach with BCM’s proprietary risk management tool.

    Active Risk Management
    The BCM Market Risk Model

  • Our primary risk-assessment tool developed over the course of 30 years of research and application.

  • Utilizes economic, financial, and monetary data to provide BCM with a general risk assessment.

  • This assessment is then used to guide the allocation makeup of our portfolios.

  • Portfolio allocation is dynamic, and varies with risk model outlook.

  • The Portfolios*

    Generally, investors want to accumulate wealth during their working years, and then, at a later stage in their life, they want to distribute the returns on that wealth to support their lifestyle choices.

    Here at BCM, we offer two portfolios -

    These two strategies reflect the two primary objectives for individual investors.

    *These portfolios are for illustration purposes only.

    BCM Investment Principles

    In an effort to keep us grounded when turbulent market conditions occur, we have developed a set of Investment Principles that guide us. If you stop by for a visit, you’ll see them prominently posted in our lobby, as well as in our personal offices.

    1. Keep it Simple

      "The greatest enemy of a good plan is the dream of a perfect plan."
      - Von Clausewitz

    2. Remember your Competitive Advantage

      Allocation using the BCM Market Risk Model.

    3. Avoid Distractions, including all forecasts

      Present moment, only moment. Sound investment does not require forecasts.
      Forecasts are not only not required - they can actually become a hindrance.
      It is enough to align the investment position with the prevailing, observable evidence.

    4. Stay Disciplined!

      Control the process and the outcome will take care of itself.

    Our Story
    About Us

    BCM is a fee-based, discretionary money manager. Our approach to managing returns, as well as risk, is the subject and highlight of this website.

    What we don’t do is sell any investment products whatsoever that carry the baggage of a conflict of interest between you – the client – and us. In fact, we sell nothing. No annuities, no insurance policies, no private offerings or REITs, nothing. Period.

    We are hired by you to act as your investment manager. We are fiercely independent and take our fiduciary responsibility to clients seriously. That is exactly how we approach our management charge. We are experienced, focused, disciplined, and always accessible to you, our clients.

    Regarding the mechanics of working with BCM, client accounts are established at Charles Schwab & Company. We never take possession of any client money. Schwab sends monthly statements and trade confirmations directly to clients, and online access to account information is readily available. We are simply authorized (by you) to direct the investments within your account, in accordance with your risk profile and life circumstances.

    We report to you quarterly. This report includes a client letter, performance reports, and a billing statement. Our management fees start at an annual rate of 1% and declines on a tiered basis for larger accounts. Our fees are charged in arrears, are prorated, and there are no upfront or backend charges.

    We believe we have something of real value to offer to risk-conscience, long-term investors. If you have $250,000 or more of investment assets, we invite you to contact us for more information on how we might be of service to you.


    JOSEPH S. BILLEAUD (“Bo”) is the founder and president of Billeaud Capital Management, Inc. Joseph earned a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 1979 and spent fifteen years working as a petroleum engineer with Chevron USA and Apache Corporation. During this fifteen year period, he developed the market risk-control models that he used to initially guide and manage his personal investments, as well as those of family and close friends. In 1986, he established BCM. Word-of-mouth endorsements and organic growth resulted in Joseph being able to effect a formal career change in 1996. Since that time, he has guided BCM’s growth from its humble origins of a one man shop managing roughly $6 million dollars to an established and respected firm now managing more than $300 million dollars for individual, corporate, trust, retirement and 401(k) accounts.


    GEORGE W. HOLLAND, IV joined Billeaud Capital Management in 2009. Having started in the investment business in 1989, he has provided independent investment and financial advisory services to clients throughout his career. George has held management positions at an independent trust company and a broker dealer/investment advisory firm, in addition to running his own investment advisory business. George earned a B.A. degree in Economics and a Masters in Business Administration from Louisiana State University.


    HILLE DOMINGUE assists Billeaud Capital Management in matters of compliance, administration and research. Hille is an accounting graduate of the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now University of Louisiana at Lafayette), and a law graduate of the Louisiana State University Law School. After 15 years of private practice as a CPA and an Attorney, Hille served as President and Chief Operating Officer of a regional publication company until it was sold to Thomson Corporation. Since that time, Hille has been involved in a number of business projects as an investor, as part of management, and as a consultant.


    MONTGOMERY C. GOSSEN joined Billeaud Capital Management in 2016 as an Investment Adviser Representative. Montgomery earned a B.S. in Agricultural Business from Louisiana State University in 2011. Before joining Billeaud Capital Management, Montgomery worked in Accounts Receivable for Sysco Louisiana Foods in Houston, TX and as a Client Advocate at Advent Software, a financial reporting software firm based in Jacksonville, FL. During his time with Advent Software, Montgomery served many roles and assisted financial advisory firms across the country. He is currently pursuing the Certified Financial Planner designation.


    MADISON E. BERRIO joined Billeaud Capital Management in 2015 in client service and operations, after having worked for her father (George Holland) on a part-time basis while attending the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from ULL in 2014 with a degree in General Studies.

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    Billeaud Capital Management, Inc.
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    Billeaud Capital Management, Inc.
    1018 Harding Street, Suite 104
    Lafayette, LA 70503
    337 233 7758

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