Financial Planning

Whatever your stage in life, taking a thorough look into how you will realize your goals and objectives will greatly increase your probabilities of success and bring peace of mind to you and your family. That is where we can help.  We start by asking big questions, which kicks off the process of crafting a sound financial plan. Your custom, strategic plan encompasses our professional experience and expertise. As we work together to help you implement your plan, you will be able to focus more on the important areas of life.




"We are in the business of financial planning, not selling a financial plan."

We believe your financial journey is only as good as the map you're using. To help ensure we all have our eyes set on the same destination, we start off by asking big questions such as "What is important to you? What do you worry about? What excites you?" Then we listen. A lot. Our goals-based analysis helps you achieve what you do want and help avoid what you don't. When life throws you a curve ball (or two), your financial plan, designed to be fluid and minimize impact, can be adjusted if needed. Think of us as your built-in GPS system.  


Similar to our investment management approach, process and discipline drive how we deliver our financial planning philosophy. We divide our process into five definitive steps to streamline your experience.



What you can expect

1. Meet and get acquainted

We start by discovering what is important to you. By first establishing your goals and identifying your concerns, we always have the end game in mind at every step along the way.

2. Establish financial health grade

After identifying your financial goals, we then take the important step of assessing your current financial situation. This allows us to address immediate needs such as your debt structure, insurance coverages, estate documents and savings to get you set upon a firm foundation for the long-term.

3. Create financial plan

Our analysis continues as we evaluate all of your resources available to achieve your goals, such as education or retirement planning. Our sophisticated analysis develops projections that include the effects of inflation and taxes, as well as different investment outcomes. We also cover Social Security claiming strategies, Insurance Analysis, Debt Management, Medicare, Retirement Distribution strategies and Estate Planning issues. Throughout this process, we try to be conservative in our assumptions and projections, with our goal always being to increase your chances of success

4. Implement your customized plan

Once the blueprint is developed, we collaborate on the findings and double check the inputs. Once the initial planning phase is complete, we will present you with a detailed roadmap, outlining each step. We can already hear you exhaling. 

5. Periodic Updates

Because there is nothing more certain than change, we agree to revisit your plan periodically based on your needs. This "planning" over time allows us to make adjustments to your plan. We aim to minimize the effect of any life or financial changes, all while keeping your goals at the forefront. 


At BCM, financial planning and investment management go hand in hand.

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