Investment Management

We believe...

Successful investing can be achieved by applying active risk management within portfolios that are economically balanced across different non-correlated asset classes.  It is not the selection of individual securities that matter over the long run - it is the broad allocation decision. 

A disciplined application of investment philosophy and strategy over the long-term greatly increases your chances of success. 


We do this by...

First, by formulating an optimal mix of components that have a variety of risk & and return characteristics (i.e. stocks, bonds, precious metals, cash). Index funds and ETFs are our preferred investment vehicles.   

Next, by actively managing risk through the use of our proprietary advantage: the BCM Market Risk Model™.  Learn more about the Model here.



Our Portfolios 

The intersection of our economically-diversified portfolio design & and the outlook of the BCM Market Risk Model™ results in our BCM Tactical Strategies shown below. Based upon your risk tolerance, time horizon and other individual circumstances, we will agree upon one or both of our strategies. We also offer a Values-Based version of our strategies that allow investors to avoid companies which are involved in certain issues they find objectionable.

For Wealth Accumulation...

For Wealth Preservation and Distribution...

At BCM, investment management and financial planning go hand in hand.

Learn about our financial planning services here